President Barrington Travels to Washington DC with RIAFC on Behalf of Southern League
By Secretary Christopher Koretski
April 10, 2019

Rhode Island Southern League President Nathan Barrington, Chief of the Kingston Fire District joined with other members of the Rhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs in traveling to Washington DC in April to meet with our congressional delegation. The chiefs each year bring fire service issues to our representatives in Congress to make them aware of what priorities are associated with providing the care and services needed to keep our Rhode Islanders safe.

The Southern League is proud to sponsor our President to represent all of our fire & EMS providers in the southern region of Rhode Island. We appreciate all of the efforts made by the Rhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs to make these meetings possible. We also look forward to continuing our relationship with our Senators and Congressmen to ensure adequate funding and support for our missions.

Photos by Rhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs