Charlestown Rescue Receives Generous Donations Amid COVID-19
By Secretary Christopher Koretski
April 3, 2020

Chief Andrew Kettle and the Members of the Charlestown Ambulance Rescue Service are grateful for all of the support they have been shown over the last few weeks by members of the community as they continue to join other members of the Southern League in serving their community amid COVID-19.

Some of the donations include a generous donation from Zach Shepard, a PhD student at the University of Rhode Island. He donated PPE and cleaning supplies from his lab to the department. Raise The Bar Nutrition and Jen Saunders brought by some Protein shakes and energy drinks this week to the crews on duty and Son's of Liberty had brought some hand sanitizer to the department that they recently made in their shop.

As always the community and local businesses step up to help out our members who are in turn helping the community through this cirsis!

Thanks to Chief Kettle for sharing some good news! If you would like to make a donation of supplies, PPE, or food to your local first responders, contact them today!